How Do You Create a Live Poll? Everything You Need to Know About Live Polling

If you have yet to give live polling a try, you are missing out on a big opportunity to engage your audience, collect feedback, and get critical results in real-time! Today, we are going to tell you everything you want to know about how to create a live poll for your next presentation, how and where to use live polls, the best polling platform to choose, and so much more.
This is your go-to guide for how to create a live poll and get the results you need, so don't miss what we have to say!

What is a live poll?

Different forms of polling have been around for centuries. Traditionally, a poll would be conducted by having respondents raise a hand to vote, say yay or nay, or write down their vote. These worked well for a long time, but now there are far more efficient ways to collect results in real-time during meetings, at a presentation, or any kind of event you can imagine.

Benefits of live polls

Live Polling
A live poll allows participants to vote electronically. That way, you collect instant feedback, rather than having to wait to tally votes and results by hand or to call on every participant for their answer.
SMS messaging
The poll maker can ask questions and the audience can vote via SMS message or online, and the responses and results are automatically collected and calculated.
Anonymous answers
When you can let your audience vote in a way that works best for them, including submitting anonymous answers, you'll find response rates go way up!

Who should use live polling?

Live polling has a number of uses that can be beneficial in virtually every industry and setting!
  • Education. Not only can you poll your students to get their opinion or feedback on different topics and issues, but you can also create a live quiz poll to test their subject knowledge!
  • Meetings. Don't let another meeting go by without an easy-to-use audience response system that will make your next meeting far more efficient and engaging. Meeting attendees can quickly vote and share feedback with live polling, rather than having to call on each member individually and slowing down the meeting.
  • During Events. Using a live poll during an event is a quick way to determine what your audience is most interested in and it can help guide the course of your presentation. Depending on the question type you choose, live polling can also serve as an icebreaker by helping audience members see what they have in common.
  • Before and After Events. It's not only while your event is taking place that audience polling is beneficial! Leading up to your event, you can poll the audience to find out what they want out of the event and which areas you should focus on. Then, after the event, you can use audience polling to find out how satisfied audience members were with the event, how likely they are to attend your next event, and what they would like to see changed or added.
  • Team Building. You can use live polling to interact and engage with any kind of team (sports teams, work teams, etc.) and collect instant feedback from them. Whether you want to find out how they feel about proposed changes, get them to vote on different options, or collect any other kind of results, live polling is the way to do it!
  • Customer Service. Do you want to find out how you can improve customer service or hear from your customers? Live polling is an awesome way to create a better experience for your customers, interact with them, and find out what you need to know to make the best decisions for your clientele AND your business

    Different Types of Live Polls

    Depending on what you're using live surveys for, there are different question types you might want to use to connect with your audience.
    Multiple Choice Poll
    A real-time multiple choice poll can be used to ask audience members to vote between two options, or as many as you'd like. However, it is usually best to keep multiple choice polls to five or fewer questions to ensure you get accurate results. Otherwise, your audience might get confused during your multiple choice polls and just click on the first answer they see to get it over with.
    Open-Ended Questions
    You can also create live open-ended questions if you want to hear more from your audience and let them submit longer answers in real-time. With open-ended questions, your participants type their responses, as opposed to choosing from a few options presented to them. You can use these anytime you need to collect more extensive feedback and results, or if you don't plan to use the data immediately.
    Q&A Sessions
    A Q&A is a really effective tool to engage your audience and help participants feel more engaged and involved. With a Q&A session, live dialogue between presenters and audience members becomes much easier to moderate. In addition to having audience members submit their questions for you to answer, you can also turn the tables and ask your audience members questions for them to respond to.
    Word Clouds
    You can use a word cloud anytime you want to represent feedback and ideas in a fun, visual way. When your audience members submit their answers, the more frequently chosen answers appear in bigger bubbles. So, if 60% of your audience answers "Red," 25% answers "Green," and 15% answers "Blue," the word red would appear in the biggest bubble, then green, and then blue.

    Create Live Polls with Easy to Use Software

    Here are a few software options to consider for creating real-time live polls.
    Swift Polling
    Swift Polling is a top choice for Q&A sessions, live polls, multiple choice, open-ended, word cloud, surveys, and more with the ability to embed them into PowerPoint presentations, your site, emails, and more.
    Enjoy effective audience engagement software that includes a Powerpoint presentation polling add-in for PowerPoint slides, exporting to Google Slides, and more from Mentimeter.
    Whether you want to create a word cloud, a Powerpoint poll, or other types of polls for different presentations, SurveyMonkey is a popular choice for getting the job done.
    Put Polling Apps to Work For You!
    Next time you want to use real time polls, word clouds, or ask your audience and participants any kind of questions, these tips will help you do it right! From meetings to events or any type of presentation, creating live polling questions will help you create a memorable experience for participants, all while getting you the results and information you need for your next steps!
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